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There are many public speaking courses, workshops and presentation skills trainings around.  The trick is to find one that will help you reach your specific goals.  With this public speaking and presentations skills training, you  learn a simple and proven 5-step system for confident presentation skills and public speaking for any occasion, in front of any audience on any topic.  You will be able to captivate your audience and get the results you want.  

Gain the business, the clients, the income, the respect and the recognition you deserve.


This  is not just about  cookie-cutter 'presentation skills'. It's not about learning generic public speaking skills.  It’s about excavating your unique value, gifts, perspectives and style and sharing them with any group, of any size, on any topic.  Effective and  successful public speaking and presenting are a by-product of that.

So, if you’re ready to improve your public speaking skills, speak with confidence and reach a new level of success in your presentations, explore the possibility of a complimentary consultation with me  here.  

Justine Armstrong is a psychologist, businesswoman and educator. Justine went from being chronically shy most of her life, unable to speak in front a small group, to facilitating workshops all over Asia Pacific, to speaking in front of audiences of a thousand and more.​

"I’ve spent 25 years and tens of thousands of dollars so you don't have to." 

Justine has spent 25 years and tens of thousands of dollars learning from the best in the field of presentation, leadership and facilitation. She has spent thousands of hours training and developing tips, tools and templates for her clients.

Being too nervous reduces your chance of success.

If you want to learn how to feel confident in every presentation, book now.

Avoid diluting your message or confusing your audience and learn how to present with crystal clarity.

You're good at what you do - now is the time to express it in a way that impacts and inspires others.

- Monica Rosenfeld, Managing Director 
Wordstorm Public Relations
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“Justine's exceptional training skills, coupled with her authenticity and unique perspective make a deep and positive impact. I have truly valued from attending her trainings."

- Kerri Pottharst, Olympic Gold Medalist and Professional Speaker

“Justine is a leader in her field and well respected by her peers. She is comfortable speaking on the international stage, working with top thought leaders and transformational trainers. She oozes love and caring."

 - Jennifer Jefferies, Author, International Speaker, COO and Founder Q Foundation 

“Before I met Justine, I was extremely fearful of speaking in front of a group, making a video or putting myself out there. I wouldn’t have been able  to present. Now I can present on stage to hundreds - thousands at times - without freezing and forgetting my content.
It just couldn’t have happened without Justine. After being coached by Justine, I can now move forward in my business with more confidence."

 - Helen Koi, Success Coach and 7 Figure Entrepreneur

"Justine has helped my team to find practical, real-world solutions to stress, workplace anxiety and dealing with difficult clients and colleagues. She is an excellent communicator and presenter and she designs each workshop to be team-oriented and fun, although by the end of each activity we all know we have learnt a significant amount.


Most importantly, Justine always helps us to solve the problems we present her with at the outset – no matter how challenging they initially appear to be.” 

 - Adrianne Kern, Director, Text100 Global Public  Relations

"I am so grateful to have met Justine - she is warm, gives so much and leads by example to empower others. She instills belief in others and is a wonderful leader and trainer."

- Shelley Gorman, Olympic Bronze and Silver Medallist


Discover the 5-Step System My Clients Are Using to Rapidly Dissolve Their Fear

of Giving Presentations 

And how to dissolve your fear so you can finally feel

confident, calm and in control when you present.