Are you finally ready to speak in front of your investors, stakeholders, shareholders, potential clients and business partners without your stomach churning, without that knot
of dread in your gut?   
Are you ready to finally feel calm, confident and in control speaking in front of any number of people?
Do you want A FREE Fearless Presentations Consultation so we can help you solve your BIGGEST presenting challenges and help you deliver confident presentations that you nail
and enjoy?

Hi there,

I've decided to open the doors of my VIP Private Client Group consulting practice to meet some new high-calibre business owners and executives.  

We are offering a complimentary 45-60 minute phone consultation.

We will be doing this for a very limited time and it is not for everyone.

Here’s what happens in your Fearless Presenting Consultation with us (if you qualify):

  1. The first thing we will do is uncover the hidden blockages in your current presentation design and delivery process, that are making you feel anxious and nervous about standing up and speaking in front of your audience.

  2. Next we will help you create your own personal Fearless Presenting System, to bring you an immediate sense of relief and trust that you can present on any topic, in front of any audience with confidence.

  3. Then we will answer your questions, so that you can begin to have the positive impact you desire - so you can have the respect, recognition and buy-in results you deserve. 

Please note that we will NOT be making you an offer or inviting you into our program.  The only way we will share with you the possibility of joining our VIP Private Client Group is if YOU ASK.

Here's who this is NOT for.

This is NOT for people who are:

  • Looking for quick-fix tips and tricks. This is for people who are serious about learning the FULL RANGE of skills needed to present confidently and nail their presentations. 

  • Just curious about improving their skills and confidence. This is only for those who are SERIOUS about presenting confidently and with positive impact and for those who are COMMITTED to putting time and effort in to having the results they desire.

  • Thinking that ONE DAY they will be ready to put the effort and time in to having the results and confidence they want with public speaking and presenting BUT NOT RIGHT NOW.  This is for people who are FED UP with the nerves, the dread, the fear and feeling out of control with their body when they step in front of a group to speak. This is for people who know they are not having the POSITIVE IMPACT they want in front of a group and who are so frustrated, they are READY TO CHANGE IT NOW.

Before you consider applying for this exclusive consultation, you should know why  we are doing this:

1. First of all, this is what we love doing most.  We get incredible satisfaction when we see high-calibre executives and  business owners who want to make a positive impact, but are unjustifiably unconfident in their ability to do that in front of a group;   who are struggling to understand how they can be so good at pretty much everything else in their business or professional life except this one thing.  After we spend some time together, he or she finally sees the truth of what is holding them back from long term success in having the sort of impact and confidence they desire.

2. We love paying it forward and I love giving back. Over the years I’ve had success that I'm very grateful for with the help of mentors, teachers and clients and now my team and I can help people who really need and deserve it.

3. Some of our favourite clients have been found this way. As I mentioned, if you are successful in the application process, there is no expectation that we will work together after our session. That will be totally up to you. But I’ve found this process naturally brings out the VERY BEST clients who I connect strongly with and who end up asking us if they can join our VIP Private Client Group Program.

How To Apply For Your Complimentary Fearless Presenting Consultation  - only a small number will be selected (there's only a few of us!)

1. This consultation is by APPLICATION ONLY.

2. Once your application is initially accepted, you will be contacted by email within 24hrs to schedule your session with us.

3. If at any point you are not in integrity with this process (ie, you don’t answer our call or if you are not on time for our call), you’ll be removed from the application process permanently. We can only invest time in those who hold themselves to the highest professional standards and integrity. 

After our session, you will  feel relieved that you finally have a success path, plan and strategy you can use to put yourself on the fast track - from nervous and fearful  - to fully confident in any presentation - and nail and enjoy it.

We look forward to connecting with you.


"I learnt more from Justine Armstrong
in the first 30 minutes than I've learnt from
Anthony Robbins and John DeMartini."
                Brendan Fahey,
                Founder and CEO, CTARS
- Monica Rosenfeld, Managing Director 
Wordstorm Public Relations
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“Justine's exceptional training skills, coupled with her authenticity and unique perspective make a deep and positive impact. I have truly valued from attending her trainings."

- Kerri Pottharst, Olympic Gold Medalist and Professional Speaker

“Justine is a leader in her field and well respected by her peers. She is comfortable speaking on the international stage, working with top thought leaders and transformational trainers. She oozes love and caring."

 - Jennifer Jefferies, Author, International Speaker, COO and Founder Q Foundation 

“Before I met Justine, I was extremely fearful of speaking in front of a group, making a video or putting myself out there. I wouldn’t have been able  to present. Now I can present on stage to hundreds - thousands at times - without freezing and forgetting my content.
It just couldn’t have happened without Justine. After being coached by Justine, I can now move forward in my business with more confidence."

 - Helen Koi, Success Coach and 7 Figure Entrepreneur

"Justine has helped my team to find practical, real-world solutions to stress, workplace anxiety and dealing with difficult clients and colleagues. She is an excellent communicator and presenter and she designs each workshop to be team-oriented and fun, although by the end of each activity we all know we have learnt a significant amount.


Most importantly, Justine always helps us to solve the problems we present her with at the outset – no matter how challenging they initially appear to be.” 

 - Adrianne Kern, Director, Text100 Global Public  Relations

"I am so grateful to have met Justine - she is warm, gives so much and leads by example to empower others. She instills belief in others and is a wonderful leader and trainer."

- Shelley Gorman, Olympic Bronze and Silver Medallist